The best use for a camera phone EVER

No, not taking pictures of celebrites at airports.  And definitely not for 'role model' professional athletes to snap pics of their 'junk'.  The best use for a camera phone, I've decided, is to help you remember STUFF.

My latest and greatest realization is that scraps of paper or notepads on my mobile get lost or are not updated enough to be useful.  So, since we have a whiteboard in the kitchen, I scribble random errands or things we need from the store as they run out.  And, almost every morning, as I grab my keys & purse, I snap a picture of the whiteboard, as such:

Then, when I am out-and-about, if I have time for that store or errand, I know exactly what I need.  Because honestly - who the hell would remember peanut butter, nail polish remover and lemons?  Those ingredients suggest that I am either making a bomb or doing a Martha Stewart project...

When you pick up the items or complete the errand, delete the photo and move on.

Have camera phone, will travel!

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