I crafted! And it was kind of clever!

This weekend we had the pleasure of attending the NICU Reunion -- a time to get together with the doctors, nurses, and staff who took such amazing care of J (and me, too!) when he was born and in those first rocky weeks of his life.

I wanted to do something to thank and acknowledge this amazing team of people who I will never forget.  And if we'd just won the lottery, I would have booked them all on a Caribbean vacation...but, alas, with a real-people bank account and 50+ people to gift, I had to be a bit more resourceful and frugal.  

Reminding myself that, "It's the thought that counts" (thanks Mom, Grandma, et al!) I came up with this little treat bag full of chocolates and mints and a heartfelt message.  I'm happy with how it came out, and I was blown away by how much my little thank-you was appreciated by the nurses and staff...a reminder that we need to thank those people who make a difference in our lives more often, and that it doesn't need to be over-the-top.

Because this gift was for a group of people who truly helped as at one of our worst moments, I really wanted them to know that we still think about them and appreciate them.  And so the pun of "Thank you for getting us through a ROUGH time" and including a piece of sandpaper on the bag to be oh-so-punny.  

Now that I did this and heard so much positive feedback, I've started thinking of other people in my life who help me through difficult times (both big and small) and think I may keep sandpaper on hand at all times -- and not just because we really need to sand, prime & paint the basement steps ; )

Here's the project....which I plan to add to Pinterest:

Step One: Fill a small treat / gift bag with candies or other items (this was a 5" tall bag I purchased from Michaels)
Step Two: Fold over the top inch or so of the bag

Step Three: Cut squares of sandpaper (or another material/medium if you aren't using my pun of "Thanks for helping us through a ROUGH time") and place the piece in front of the bag
 Step Four: Punch a hole through the sandpaper card AND the bag
Step Five: Use a gift tag with your written message (or ribbon, etc) through the hole in the sandpaper card and treat bag to tie both together (and keep bag tied firmly shut)
Final Product