To Zumba, or Not To Zumba???


I've been avoiding it for a while -- but last night, I went ahead and jumped on the bandwagon that is the ZUMBA craze.  Plenty of friends have been enjoying the release and workout of Zumba, but I just didn't know if it was for me.  However, in the resurgence of wanting to get back to healthier habits and get regain my fitness level of Summer, 2010, I signed up for a class.

Here are my updates to the land of FB and the ladies who wanted to know how it went:

"Full report: I'll definitely go back, but felt like a total idiot. I have NO rhythm, and some moves being in threes instead of fours totally threw me (OCD much, Christy?). It is hard to hold your head high when a 65 year old woman to your left has Moves Like Jagger and four different people you don't know say, "first time, huh?". My core is pretty angry with me for using muscles that have been dormant for too long, and when I went to get Jack after class he came running to me shouting "Mama", but when I picked him up: "You gross!!". That is all -- tune in next week, ladies"

And then (to give you a better visual): 

frankenstein + sweat + salsa moves = christy doing zumba 

I am committed to going back, week after week, and trying to learn new ways to move my body -- not just to burn the calories or admire the determination and insane Zumba fashions of some of my classmates, but also to get to the point where I will pick a spot behind the teacher, right in front of the mirror.  For me, this started with fitness, but I will not stop until I am more comfortable with how I move and what my body can do (or not do!).   

And by that time, hopefully I won't want to stop!