"The first cut is the deepest...baby ya know..."

Sing it, Sheryl Crow!  And Rod Stewart!  (and everyone who sang or wrote about trying something for the first time)  I feel your pain...and all I am doing is starting a blog!

Yup, me...blogging.  Odd feeling.  But in part to make good on a bet and in part to see what 'public' journaling can do for me in terms of reflection, accountability, and sending something into the cyberverse to see what comes back, here I am with a blog.

It took me a while to decide what to title this page, and after considering using a descriptor that a close friend gave me -- delightfully persistent -- I ended up with Type B++.  Mainly because so much of my life these days seems to be allowing the imperfections in life to be gifts rather than curses.  As a strict "Type A" kind of person who needs order, control, schedule, and rules in order to feel comfortable (I know - it sounds insane when you put it like that!!!), the last few years have definitely made me see that life doesn't fit into a plan, a calendar, a schedule, a routine all of the time.   Somehow, in my mid-30's with a husband, two kids, friends, cats, house, job, volunteer work, and a desire to enjoy life, I've finally realized that it can't ALL be done to perfection.  And that more often than not, that is fine.
So, no more with the Type A.  Type B++ will have to be enough.  More than enough.

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  1. You go! Enjoy the adventure in blogging...can't wait to read more!